This Web Page has been created to provide all information that the Parish Council needs to pass on to our Parishioners regarding the effect of the Coronavirus on our Parish

This Page will be added to whenever we receive more information that we need to share with you all

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the Parish Council Office was closed on 17th March and has now been closed permanently.

If you need to contact the Parish Council please EMAIL OR TELEPHONE 07927 311041. The following link will take you to a letter from Neil providing his full contact details - Closure of PC Office


Worcester Regulatory Services are currently receiving a high volume of complaints regarding domestic bonfires at the moment as many people are confined to their homes and are spending longer periods of time in their gardens.

For further information please click on the following link

Here2Help - List of Contact Points etc

Further to the information lower down this page relating to Here2Help Worcestershire County Council have provided a list of organisations and contact points for anyone needing support during the Coronavirus pandemic, please click on the picture below to access this list

Closure of Play Areas etc

As you will all be aware the Government has placed severe restrictions upon the general population regarding the need to avoid spreading the coronavirus to the extent that the NHS will not be able to cope.

One of the restrictions is that play areas and outdoor exercise areas must be closed down to reduce the possibility of spread of the virus between people or via contact with contaminated equipment etc. The Parish Council has therefore closed the Ryefield Road Recreation Area and has marked and/or labelled the outdoor gym and play equipment at the Stoke Heath and Shaw Lane play areas, please see the notice and photos below



Worcestershire County Council have set up a webpage that offers advice regarding Coronavirus issues
To access this please click on the picture below. Click this Link to see their 'flyer'