Village Hall

The Village Hall is not owned by the Parish Council and has its own Management Committee. This page of the website provides information on the amenities the Hall can offer and how to book it etc


Although the Hall has some regular bookings (Girl Guides and a Dance Group for example) it is also available for other functions such as family parties etc. If you haven't visited the Village Hall recently it has had some considerable refurbishment that has resulted in it now having become a far more attractive venue - please see the pictures below.

Key Information

Address and Post Code - Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Worcestershire. Postcode B60 4DN

Bookings - Please phone Norman Avery on 01527 878685

Please Note - The above is the only correct number for booking the Hall, most of the other websites that will come up via a Google or other search will often return out of date phone numbers

The Hall and Lobby Area
Plenty of Parking
The Main Hall
The Kitchen
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